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The We Remember Reflection Wall is dedicated in memory of those who have lost their lives due to homicide/violent death. The purpose of the We Remember Reflection Wall is to express that each person who died is not just a statistic or a face, but a person with a name who was part of a family and had dreams and aspirations.

Maurice Davis
01/01/1984 | 01/01/2002
Maurice was the eldest of four children. He had two sisters and one brother. Maurice was a special brother and was one of a kind. He showed love and cared for all of his loved ones. Maurice attended Englewood High School. His goals were to obtain a college degree and become an MBA player.
Cardale R.C. Cerda
01/01/1978 | 01/01/1996
Cardale graduated from Brentano Elementary School in 1992. He continued his education at Gordon TechnicalHigh School and graduated from Main East High School in Niles, Illinois in June of 1996. Cardale was to start college at the University of Chicago in 1996 the same year he was killed. Cardale’s ambition was to be a paramedic. Cardale’s parents, Ramiro and Joyce could not have been more proud of him on his accomplishments.
Traci Dodd
01/01/1966 | 01/01/2000
Traci worked for the United Airlines. She was a stewardess, she enjoyed her job, and her boyfriend killed her. Traci had a beautiful smile and she never gave me problems. Traci was a late bloomer. She was happy to meet Mr. Wonderful and he turned out to be the devil. She supported her nephews in their baseball from little league to junior league. She would be so happy that her two nephews are still playing baseball. Her niece is in a gifted program. Traci would have been so proud.
Officer Michael Ceriale
01/01/1972 | 01/01/1998
Michael was a loving and caring human being who loved and enjoyed life. He loved his family, friends and his job. He worked very hard to the end until that single shot changed all our lives. He is loved and missed by his family.
Marilu Socha
01/01/1987 | 01/01/2002
Marilu was the youngest of two children. She attended Morton East High School and was on the swim and pom-pom team and a member of the photography club. She won third place in the science fair and was an honor student since the fourth grade. Her career goals were to enter the United States Navy and become a lawyer.
Derek Leigh Tate Jr.
01/01/1979 | 01/01/2003
As a husband, Derek was the best. He was affectionate and always showed how much he dared. He was a great daddy. He loved to spoil his girls, Cyan and Lily. He played with them and even painted their little nails whenever they wanted. As the only son, he was loved. He is missed greatly by all of us, but we will never forget him for he is always here.
Alejandra Santana
01/01/1991 | 01/01/2004
She is an Angel who brought joy into our lives though for a short time. She still exists in our hearts and minds.
Ginneria Major
01/01/1966 | 02/01/1983
Ginneria was the second oldest of five. She always put family first, and had a magnetic personality, people was drawn to her. She was out going and loved life itself. She loved to play basketball; in fact, she was the first female in Chicago to play on an all-boys basketball team at St. Michael's Grade School on the near north side. Her career goals
Mark Anthony Juarez
01/01/1982 | 01/01/2000
Mark was the oldest brother of five children. He loved playing with his brothers and taking his sisters to the park. He moved to San Antonio Texas, fell in love had two sons and a daughter. He enjoyed spending time with his grandmother and enjoyed being with his cousins, but most of all he loved coming to Chicago on vacation where he was murdered.

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